Managing Director, Head of Equity & Derivatives Trading Department, Phatra Securities PCL

NOPADON NIMMANPIPAK is Head of Equity & Derivatives Trading Department at Phatra Securities Plc. He leads the team that is responsible for proprietary trading, providing investment solution and offering financial products such as structured notes and derivative warrants to individual high net worth and institutional clients.

He joined Phatra Securities Plc. since 2009 before being promoted to be the department’s head in 2011. Prior to joining Phatra, he worked with KGI Securities (Thailand) Plc. and KGI Asia Limited in Hong Kong where he was responsible for running proprietary trading book in equity and derivatives for more than 10 years.

Nopadon obtained an MBA degree in Finance from Washington State University, USA, and Bachelor of Engineering from Chiang Mai University, Thailand. He is a speaker with regard to derivative products and market in Thailand in many occasions for several years.