Family Business and Wealth Advisor

Mr. Anurat Kongtoranin was raised in a Thai business household, and has witnessed a family-run business thrive for over 60 years. He was educated in the Singapore International School, and received his Bachelors of Science, in Industrial Engineering from Northeastern University, Boston, USA and MBA from Sasin of Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok, Thailand.

In 2009 he developed a governance structure, to better manage the family business. A core resource towards building this governance structure was a book by Randel S. Carlock and John L. Ward, titled, “Strategic Planning for the Family Business” . He went on to translate the book to Thai, so the Thai business community could benefit from the same foundations of governance. After publication, he went on to teach the subject at Sasin Graduate Institute of Business Administration of Chulalongkorn University and Bangkok University for 13 batches which accounted for more than 300 Thai Business Families. During this time, he has also provided consulting services to Thai Business Families on the subject. In 2011 he was the first Thai who received the certificate in Family Business and Wealth advising from The Family Firm Institute, Boston. In 2015 he received Director Certification Program from Thai Institute of Director.

He has worked with two multinational companies before he was asked to join in the Family Business in core and Joint Venture businesses. At the present, he is CEO of Lock Solar International Co., Ltd. and Executive Director Bangkok Fastening Co., Ltd. and Independent Director Nutrix Public Company Ltd. and Director Thai Institute of Directors Association. He is also a visiting professor and speaker on the Family Business and Entrepreneurship subjects and facilitator at Thai Institute of Director. He continues to work as a freelance advisor to his own and other family business.