Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer, iSTOX

DARIUS LIU, iSTOX’s Co-Founder, throughout his career, Darius has helped to guide a variety of public and private sector organizations to achieve operational goals through the careful and judicious use of strategy.  

As Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer for iSTOX, Darius oversees day-to-day operations for the company, licensing and regulatory issues including working with MAS (Monetary Authority of Singapore) and other stakeholders. Prior to starting iSTOX, Darius held a variety of roles with GIC, most recently as Vice President of Total Portfolio Strategy (TPS) of the Economics & Investment Strategy department. 

He has also served in several roles within the Singapore government, including Head of Strategic and Operational Planning at the Singapore Ministry of Defence and Senior Associate for Investment and Reserves at the Ministry of Finance.

Darius holds a BSc and MSc in Mechanical Engineering from Cornell University. He also holds a Master of Science in Financial Engineering from the National University of Singapore.